Fire Resistant Intumescent Sheet

Product Description:
Intumescent Sheet is an expandable graphite base flexible intumescent sheet designed to be as thermal insulation layer.
It is produced by hot press process from the non-woven fabric which contented some fire retardants.

The thickness of intumescent sheet is about 0.5mm, it will expand to be 15mm after heating.
The carbon char will provide the excellent fireproof performance.
If the intumescent sheet be installed in a limited space, the high dense carbon will provide a better effect to seal the fire and heat.
This materials can be applied as a fire stop products.

 Thin thickness, light and flexible, easy for installation
 Low expanding temperature
 High expandable rate
 Dense and strong intumescent carbon layer in the event of fire
 Halogen free, no asbestos, is harmless to human body and environment

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